The Dragon Jacket Difference

Our innovative industrial insulation systems are engineered to provide the solutions you've been searching for...

The Dragon Jacket™ Difference

Fully Encapsulated, Modular Panels • Faster & Safer installation

• Easy to remove for inspections, and re-install

• No special tools or training required

• Extended life

• No VOC's

• Lightweight

• "Snap in place" interlocking panels
Custom Engineered Panels •  Manufactured to tank/project specifications

• Accomodations for: penetrations, access ports, boxes, outputs, ladders, etc...

• Connect panels on the ground and install larger sections onto tank at a time

• Chemical Resistant series available

• Color options to manage reflectivity/aesthetics
Static R-Value • Thermal Stability for tank liquids

• Increased operational efficiencies and energy savings

• Optimize panel thickness to minimize condensation

• Integrated drip edges to shed water

• No water absorption

• Eliminates CUI from insulation failures
Impact Resistant • High tensile and compression strengths

• Withstands harsh winds and inclement weather conditions

• Strong elastic properties

• No deterioration from salt water exposure (Coastal Applications)

• Continue using insulation system for lifespan of the tank

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