Sabra Food Production Project

Client Name: Sabra

Industry: Food Production

Location: South Chesterfield, Virginia

Project Type: Pipe Insulation

Featured Project – Dragon Jacket Insulation First to Pass Sabra’s In-House Sanitization Test

Insulated Garlic Line Now Saves Company $100k Per Month in Costs Related To Waste & Scrap

Project Scope:

  • ~300 Linear Feet of Insulation + Various Fittings
  • Customized Fittings Designed for Tight Spaces
  • Clamped Fittings

Project Results:

  • Completed On-Time & On Budget
  • Eliminated Waste Without Changing Existing Sanitization Processes
  • Generated Savings of ~$100k/Month in Waste/Scrap Material
  • Generated Unquantified Savings Related to Downtime and Thermal Efficiency
  • Project Paid for Itself in First Thirty Days of Operation

Project Details:

World-renowned hummus manufacturer, Sabra, which is jointly owned by Pepsico and the Strauss Group, needed a reusable insulation option that was easy to sanitize for the garlic paste line at their South Chesterfield processing facility. The line, which spanned three separate rooms, needed to maintain a constant temperature of ~30F to avoid bacteria production. The company was having a difficult time finding an insulation option that could handle frequent sanitization and would not harbor bacteria or compromise the pipeline’s R-value. Because of this, the line operated uninsulated, resulting in a monthly loss of ~$100k in waste/scrap.

To address this loss and meet the temperature and durability needs of the line, Dragon Jacket supplied three hundred linear feet of pipe insulation, along with a number of custom fittings and components designed for tight spaces. Sabra purchased the insulation directly and installed it themselves using standard tools and on-site personnel. The project is now fully operational and saving Sabra ~$100k per month in costs associated with waste/scrap, in addition to unquantified savings related to downtime and thermal efficiency improvements.

Sabra made the decision to go with Dragon Jacket because it was the first insulation product to pass their R&D department’s sanitization test.

Dragon Jacket is proud to deliver food-grade insulation solutions to such a great client!

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