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the dragon advantages

guy standing on dragon jacket insulation straight pipe

Durable & Re-usable

Reliable year-round performance enhancing durability, from the inside out. Significantly reduce lost overhead from product replacement, downtime from maintenance, inspections, and product disposal. The revolutionary engineering of Dragon Jacket ensures that maintenance, inspections, moisture, chemical leaks, and inclement weather among other industry conditions and factors, will not deter the re-use of our products.

Dragon Jacket Waterproof insulation system utilizing the bolting installation method showing water beading on surface

Waterproof & Chemical Resistant

Fully protect and enhance your critical infrastructures and increase their operational efficiencies with modular insulation systems fully enveloped with a rigid barrier impermeable to moisture and most chemicals. The impermeable barrier of Dragon Jacket Insulation systems offers the only truly waterproof solution to industrial insulation available today.

A field worker thumbs up about a Faster and Safer installation using Dragon Jacket Insulation

Fast & safe Installation

Each system is engineered to be installed easily and offers a safer alternative to traditional styles of insulation. Our standard insulation systems can be installed on an average of 16 times faster than traditional industrial insulation. Our products don't require a specialty installation crew and can be installed without special tools or machinery.

x ray view of dragon jacket well head kit insulation system

Increasing Efficiencies & energy savings

Dragon Jacket significantly decreases the amount of lost revenue due to plant shutdowns and lost production hours. Temporary insulation solutions, or "quick fixes" while new insulation is being ordered can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the disposal costs and extended man hours associated with replacing insulation.

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