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The Dragon Jacket Difference™

Industry Related

Oil & Gas – Dragon Jacket Insulation Installed at SoCal Gas Facility in Los Angeles, CA

SoCal Gas called on Dragon Jacket to insulate the new expansion at their Los Angeles area gas dehydration facility. The system consisted of pipes, fittings, vessels, and tanks with custom curvatures and openings.

Government Energy – Dragon Jacket Insulation Prevents Freezing at Hanford Nuclear Site

When standard insulation failed to protect the heat trace system on a complex water pipeline at the Hanford Nuclear Site, they called Dragon Jacket for help.

Oil & Gas – Dragon Jacket Uses 3D Scanning for Precise, Custom Wellhead Insulation

Our 3D scanning technology is accessible as a mobile phone or tablet download making it ideal for remote locations. On-site field crews can easily upload scans to the cloud, eliminating the need for clunky scanners or expensive cameras.

Infrastructure – Dragon Jacket Insulates Forced Main Sewer Line on Suspension Bridge

Maintaining team member safety and protecting the river from contamination were top priorities on this forced sewer line insulation project that spanned the entire length of a suspension bridge on the Kootenai River in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho. Crews needed to be able to work quickly and efficiently as they installed one new line and replaced an existing line.

Manufacturing – Dragon Jacket Insulates Dynamic Loading Arm Components

Excel Loading Systems manufacturers loading arms for the safe and efficient transfer of liquids and gasses to trucks, railcars and totes. Due to the loading arms’ complex design and moving parts, the insulation had to be fully customizable, flexible enough to allow for movement, and durable enough to withstand harsh operational conditions.

Infrastructure – Dragon Jacket Insulates Water Main for Pipe in Pipe Installation

Welch-Comer Engineering, out of Spokane Valley, WA, was tasked with finding a viable insulation solution for the Whitworth Water District’s underground pipeline project in Spokane, WA. The project consisted of two hundred feet of slowly curving radius pipeline to be installed within a twenty-inch steel casing on a bridge.

Oil & Gas – Dragon Jacket RTR Wellhead Insulation Project

In the harsh North Dakota winters, where temperatures can drop to -40, the oil and gas industry needs insulation products to protect their pipelines from freezing. In order to protect their wellhead componentry, RTR Oilfield Services called upon Dragon Jacket for a customized insulation solution.

Infrastructure – For Bridge Projects, Durability and R-Value Reign Supreme

When it comes to the health, safety and environmental (HSE) impact of water and wastewater pipeline management, bursting pipes are problematic, to say the least. When those pipes are suspended over a river, the problems only compound. In order to avoid contaminating waterways and creating a public health hazard, water and sewer pipes, particularly ones that are not in constant use, require insulation to keep them from freezing.

Dragon Jacket Insulation Protects Water Main Pipeline On Northern Idaho Bridge

Government officials in the city of Kellogg, Idaho needed an insulation solution to protect a water main spanning across the Elizabeth Park Bridge. The one-hundred feet of pipeline operates under the stress of vibration from vehicle traffic and required a durable insulation solution that could withstand constant movement, while also providing protective benefits against the freezing temperatures of harsh Northern Idaho winters.

Dragon Jacket Insulation First to Pass Sabra’s In-House Sanitization Test

Sabra needed a reusable insulation option that was easy to sanitize for the garlic paste line at their South Chesterfield processing facility. Dragon Jacket supplied three hundred linear feet of pipe insulation, along with a number of custom fittings and components designed for tight spaces.

Dragon Jacket Insulation Benefits

When it Comes to Mitigating Heat Transfer – Dragon Jacket Delivers!

Thermal Analysis Shows Superiority of Dragon Jacket Insulation Compared to Fiberglass in Heat Transfer Matchup.

The World’s Greatest

How 2 Media’s World’s Greatest series features Dragon Jacket industrial insulation on episode #269. Find out how Dragon Jacket eliminates many of the hassles that customers have faced for years.

Insulation System Assembly Comparison

Video comparing the insulation system required with traditional fiberglass and Dragon Jacket. While traditional fiberglass insulation requires three layers of product, Dragon Jacket is fully encapsulated and installs easily with one metal band per foot of straight piping.

The Dragon Jacket Difference

Video showing speed of installation and durability of product in real-world applications.

Corrosion Under Insulation

For all the ways that insulation can improve safety and process efficiency, it can also cause moisture to sit on the pipes for prolonged periods of time, which can then lead to corrosion under insulation (CUI). Find out more about CUI in this video.

Weather Proof & Chemical Resistant

Dragon Jacket Insulation Performs Under Pressure (Washing)

Go ahead and spray it down every day, every shift if you want – our insulation won’t fall apart – even in the harshest conditions! Remove, inspect, reinstall, power wash, run over with a truck, hit with a baseball bat…Dragon Jacket can take it and then some!

Dragon Jacket Dry Test Demonstration #1

Durable Dragon Jacket pipe, valve, fitting, and tank Insulation is impact and weather-resistant and will stand up to removal, inspection and reinstallation year after year. Watch us put it to the test!

Performs Well Under Pressure

Demonstration of Dragon Jacket’s waterproof and chemical resistance.

Performance Under Pressure Washing

See Dragon Jacket pipe insulation standing up to pressure washing treatment.

Water Absorption Comparison

See the Dragon Jacket difference with this clip demonstrating the water absorption of Dragon Jacket as compared with other standard insulation products.

Durable & Reusable

Dragon Jacket Insulation – Box Truck Challenge

To prove the durability and strength of Dragon Jacket insulation, we ran over half of a 90° elbow with a box truck, and guess what happened? Nothing! More than 10,000 pounds of pressure couldn’t touch the durability of Dragon Jacket. That’s because Dragon Jacket is engineered to be superhero strong, protecting pipes from damage, weather, people and animals.

Dragon Jacket Insulation Can! Impact Resistant with a 20+ Year Lifespan

Dragon Jacket Insulation is durable, reusable, and 100% waterproof, and this video helps prove that. See what happens to dry paper fully encapsulated in Dragon Jacket Insulation that has been submerged in water for ten days!

Dragon Jacket Insulation – Got Hail?

A side-by-side comparison of Dragon Jacket vs. standard insulation in a “simulated hail environment.” Dragon Jacket”s superior durability maintains its insulation properties even in the harshest environments.

Delivers Durability

This video demonstrates the durability of Dragon Jacket insulation by showing it being run over by a box truck.

Product Demos

No Additional Jacketing Required

Insulation System Assembly Comparison

Video comparing the insulation system required with traditional fiberglass and Dragon Jacket. While traditional fiberglass insulation requires three layers of product, Dragon Jacket is fully encapsulated and installs easily with one metal band per foot of straight piping.

Unistrut Pipe Support

Insulate a Unistrut

How to easily and quickly install Dragon Jacket insulation on a Unistrut as compared to standard insulation.

Vic™ Style Grooved Coupling

Insulating Victaulic Fittings

Video demonstration of how easy it is to insulate a Victaulic fitting with Dragon Jacket insulation.

Standard Valves

Standard Valve Install

Video demonstrating how to install Dragon Jacket insulation on a standard valve situation.

Installation & Training

Dragon Jacket™ Pro Series

Installation Training Series Episode 1

This video demonstrates how to modify a straight section of Dragon Jacket pipe insulation for length. Measure twice, cut once! Use a Sawzall or fine-toothed metal blade to make the cut, apply caulking to the inside of each splice cover, apply splice covers to each exposed side of the straight. Done!

Installation Training Series Episode 2

This installation training video shows viewers how to install eight feet of straight piping insulation, with a TEE in the middle.

Pro Tip 001 – Install Drip Edges Facing Downward

Dragon Jacket Pro Tip 001 is to always install drip edges facing downward. This keeps moisture out when cleaning and ensures that rain runs off the face of the insulation and doesn’t contact the piping underneath.

Pro Tip 002 – Install Fittings First

This Dragon Jacket installation tip recommends that fittings be installed first in order to measure and properly modify the straight sections in between the fittings. Video also includes information on how to properly modify straight sections.

Pro Tip 003 – Bands

Video demonstration of how to band Dragon Jacket insulation – one band per foot on straights and one band per step-down on fittings.

Pro Tip 004 – Splice Covers

Demonstration video of how to adhere splice covers to the end of a modified straight.

Pro Tip 005 – Securing Seams

How to quickly and easily install butt strip material over two male end pieces of pipe insulation to properly secure the seam.

Pro Tip 006 – Remove, Inspect, Reinstall

See just how simple and quick it is to remove, inspect and reinstall Dragon Jacket insulation.

Installation Comparison

Save Time, Save Money

Demonstration of the speed and efficiency of using Dragon Jacket insulation as compared to standard fiberglass insulation systems.

Tank Panel Installation

Installing a Tank Panel System

How to quickly and easily install tank panel insulation using standard tools and personel.


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