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Dragon Jacket Products – Protected by a 5-Year Limited Product Warranty

5 Year Warranty Badge

Dragon Jacket shall not be liable for installation charges, for expenses of Buyer for repairs or replacement, for damages from delay or loss of use, or other indirect or consequential damages of any kind.

Dragon Jacket extends this warranty for a period of five (5) years from the date the product is delivered to the Buyer. This warranty applies only to Dragon Jacket products properly used and properly installed for the particular application for which intended and quoted. This warranty does not cover products which have been modified without Dragon Jacket’s approval or which have been subjected to unusual physical stress, alteration, or tampering, or upon which the original identification marks have been removed or altered.

Whenever the design of the equipment to be furnished or the system in which it is to be incorporated originates with the Buyer, Dragon Jacket’s warranty is limited specifically to matters relating to furnishing Dragon Jacket equipment free of defects in materials and workmanship. Dragon Jacket assumes no responsibility for implied warranties of fitness for purpose or use. Any items requiring replacement or repair shall be sent to Dragon Jacket’s factory unless otherwise directed. No items shall be returned for warranty repair without prior written authorization from Dragon Jacket.

For Questions About Our Warranty Please Call (208) 772-8640